About Us

About Rajveer's Babyland

Rajveer’s Baby Land is one of the Leading groups of Play School. Started in 2008 with a small place but Big Dream to educate maximum kids at an early age for a Better Future. Today Rajveer’s Baby Land has one head office and 2 Nurseries in a very prime location. We are now looking forward to more branches of Rajveer’s Baby Land in all locations so that we can educate more and more Children and Develop them.


To develop Children so that they use their talent and expose their Potential for a better future. With High-quality Supportive Learning environment.


To provide an Excellent Childhood education for all children at an affordable price and in a very fun and friendly manner.

Meet Mrs. Hansa Navin Savla

Co-Founder – Navin Virji Savla
After completion of SSC from N.L School Malad. Mrs. Hansa Salva’ Journey from being a housewife with 3 kids to the owner of Rajveer’s Baby Land is been very interesting as the whole idea came into her mind when she was raising her 3rd child. She Pursued her E.E.C.D from Edu Kids. And then completed her dream of making a Baby Land for Growing Kids. She invested her all time and money to make Rajveer’s Baby Land the best Baby Land in the City and too educated kid and a beautiful and innovative way.

Why Choose Us

Happy Environment

We have a Pleased and Friendly Environment that helps kids to adapt and learn faster. All festivals are celebrated so that children know about festivals and enjoy them.

Active Learning

We have different Activities like Colour Day, Water Play, Clay Work, Sand Play, Songs Dance, Art, Craft, and many more. Different Events and Activities are held so that Children adapt and learn faster.

Creative Learning

We teach by Play way method, Practice by Pictorial worksheet, Recognition of Alphabet, A to Z numbers, Colours Shapes Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Provide monthly Planner & Syllabus.